Keeping your goals in
mind is my goal
Venus Killian
I moved to Corpus Christi because of the fun in the sun on the beaches. I truly came here for my
children and to get out of the rain in Seattle WA. I must say I love it here I enjoy fishing ,
boating and so much more Corpus is beautiful, we should all be lucky enough to live
I bought my first home very young out of foreclosure this guided me into the investment world. by
the time I was in my early 30's I had taught myself how to buy pre foreclosed property as
investments. Currently today I continue investing in rental property, I am one who believes real
estate will never die. We all must live somewhere weather you rent or buy someone has to own it
so why not you or I. The market always comes back I remember the 80's we will survive this to
what don't kill you will make you stronger.
My focus is on your needs and dreams finding out what
you want in a new home and what you don't want.
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Venus Killian
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Venus Killian

              Corpus Our Best Kept Secret.